Solar Asset Management

As more utility scale solar installations go live, the need for better solar asset management and analytics tools for managing diverse solar photovoltaic (PV) portfolios grows.

In the U.S., distributed solar PV has seen unprecedented growth with the cumulative capacity now surpassing 15 gigawatts (GW). The focus will always be on building projects, but due to the maturation of the industry and its equipment, operations and maintenance also becomes a main focus.

Without the right tools, plans, or experience in solar asset management, O&M costs increase, while energy yield decreases. Skilled O&M of solar assets takes sophisticated management and analytics software along with the ability to diagnosis issues remotely saving on costs of dispatching trucks and engineering fees.

Our team is a chosen leader in O&M solutions, with deep project expertise, full construction capabilities, and the right equipment needed for each individual project. 

To learn more about some of our asset management partners, visit our case studies section or click the link below.

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