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MBS offers a complete wrap of NERC compliance services which includes both Generator Owner (GO) and Generator Operator (GOP). MBS’ compliance services include the initial implementation work to prepare for NERC Registration of both the Generator Owner (GO) and the Generator Operator (GOP).


  • Develop NERC-Compliant GO and GOP documentation.
  • Develop and deliver training on GO and GOP compliance activities.
  • Generation of evidence to demonstrate compliance with GO/GOP standards and activities.
  • Detailed PRC-005 Review.
  • Technical standards detailed review.
  • Cybersecurity vulnerability assessment.
  • Critical infrastructure protection low impact policy.

On-going Compliance Support

  • Provide full NERC compliance support on behalf of the facility as the registered Generator Owner (GO) and complete all necessary compliance actions required for the Generator Operator (GOP).
  • Administer and maintain all activities required by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and RTO Reliability Standards across both the Generator Owner (GO) and Generator Operator (GOP) registrations.
  • Devise and implement controls to maintain compliance with the regulatory responsibilities as a GO and GOP.
  • Services include – development and implementation of a NERC Internal Compliance Program, Document Control, Evidence Collection and Retention, Spot Checks, Self-reports, Preparation for new and revised standards, Required periodic self-certification, Data submittals, Mitigation plans, Corrective actions, Periodic data submittals/requests, and Response to event-drive obligations.


  • 24/7 live operations center support
  • Solar array output
  • Streamlined, effective
    system management
  • Performance Optimization

Monitoring & System
Equipment Analytics

  • Accurate daily yield projections
  • Positive sampling tests
  • Customized data filtering
  • Maximize system uptime


  • Ensured peak performance
  • Minimized downtime costs and risks
  • Performance Engineering


  • Local codes &
    regulations compliance
  • Original engineered
    design intent ensured
  • Secured system

Annual Preventative Maintenance

  • Safety focused site maintenance team
  • Comprehensive annual maintenance plan with plant-specific procedures
  • Night-time scheduled maintenance to maximize energy harvest for owner

Corrective Work

  • Integrated operational event monitoring with work order management system
  • OEM trained site maintenance team
  • On-site equipment troubleshooting and repairs
  • Spare parts and inventory management
  • Warranty management

Emergency Services

  • Response time within 24 hours
  • Management of critical repairs and replacement solutions
  • Minimized energy loss from outages

Solar Panel Washing

  • Module washing
  • Vegetation management
  • Grounds maintenance

Construction Oversight

  • Construction and commissioning process oversight
  • Trained team on solar energy systems and proper protocols
  • EPC checklist review

Third Party Engineering

  • Impartial third party
  • Independent engineering reviews
  • Compliant system and
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