What’s Missing from Your Preventative Maintenance Plan?

A preventative maintenance plan allows items to continue to be in good, working order on a regular basis. It’s necessary to have a plan like this for all types of operations, and more so in the case of solar asset operation and maintenance (O&M). It’s a fact that solar photovoltaic (PV) performance is increased when an O&M service provider follows a carefully-developed solar preventative maintenance program that has been tailored to the needs of the particular asset.

Through a preventative maintenance plan for your solar power plant, you can proactively avoid issues, which is key to achieving maximum return on investment. A complete solar O&M solution should include:

  • A Quality Assurance Plan
  • A Quality Control Project Plan
  • An Onsite Corporate Safety Program

With these three things in place, customer satisfaction and ROI are met, if not exceeded. Miller Brothers Solar is a chosen leader in O&M solutions due to the company’s project expertise, full construction capabilities, and 160+ pieces of heavy equipment. MBS is one of the few electrical contractors that can simultaneously self-perform multiple utility scale solar projects while exceeding client expectations, controlling costs, and adhering to timelines and customer schedules. If you want to get started on a project, or have any initial questions on a preventative maintenance plan, contact us here.

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