Because We Meet Needs: Silicon Ranch Corporation
As one of the fastest-growing developers, owners, and operators of solar energy plants in the United States, Silicon Ranch Corporation believes in the business approach of long-term, collaborative partnership. That’s what makes it such a great business partner for Miller Brothers Solar. In fact, one of Silicon Ranch Corporation’s top guiding principles is its belief that solar energy projects—when developed responsibly—create enduring, long-term value and deliver a meaningful legacy for their communities. Miller Brothers Solar is proud to help execute this principle by providing customized solar solutions with proven results.

1,115.74 Acres Managed

21 Sites

170.16 MW of Projects

A Natural Partnership

As Silicon Ranch Corporation began its interview search for operations and maintenance providers, it quickly ran into obstacles. From high-priced O&M provider quotes to a lack of flexibility in working on specific project or location needs, the search became exhausting. When Miller Brothers Solar entered the scene, they offered a flexible service plan with competitive pricing that left room for the dynamic needs of each individual site. Miller Brothers Solar and Silicon Ranch Corporation soon learned that they had a shared vision for the solar industry, and it has been a natural fit for both companies to work together.

“As the long-term owner of every solar project we develop, Silicon Ranch has a vested interest in seeing that each performs as designed and budgeted, day in and day out. Miller Brothers Solar understands this commitment to performance, and we are proud to have them as part of our team in every community we serve.” – Pete Candelaria, Chief Technology Officer, Silicon Ranch Corporation

Services Used

  • Operations & Maintenance